Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Not Just California: Nine Other States in Serious Financial Trouble

“California’s fiscal problems are in a league of their own,” says Susan Urahn, managing director of the Pew Center on the States, which conducted a study on the fiscal status of all 50 states, “but the Golden State is hardly alone."

Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island and Wisconsin, in addition to California are the most troubled US states, the Pew Center says.

The Pew research identifies states that face similar difficulties to those of California. These include loss of states revenues, the relative size of budget gaps, rising unemployment, high foreclosure rates, and a history of poor money management.


  1. So California isn't so much in a league of its own so much as it is in a league with, at least, 20% of states.

    That's some really tight analysis there, Susan of Pew.

  2. Lot of houses sold to retired seniors in my area of Prescott