Sunday, November 22, 2009

Top Ten

Below are the Top Ten most viewed posts for the week ending Saturday November 21, 2009.

#1 Goldman Bonuses: An Intriguing Reason Why Treasury Yields Are Going Negative

#2 Fed Trying to Hide Smoking Gun

#3 Propaganda Show at Treasury follows Goldman Announcement

#4 Shock: Inside the Healthcare Bill (18th Week in Top Ten)

#5 What's the Fed Hiding?

#6 Raico, Burns and Heller on Ayn Rand By Richard Ebeling

#7 GE CEO: "We are all Democrats Now"

#8 Goldman Short Gold Stocks and Bank Stocks

#9 California Chaos

#10 ICE Cancels Dollar Spike


  1. The first time I thought it was a typo, but not the third. As an FYI, the man's name is spelled "Raico."

  2. Thanks very much! Corrected on all three spots.