Monday, November 16, 2009

Understanding the Ramifications of Political Plunder

It's getting real bad and Richard Ebling knows it. He emails:
I have a new piece up on the "defense of capitalism" blog today on, "The Menace and Immorality of the Welfare State."

As we live through one of the most historic increases in the interventionist-welfare state in the last hundred years, we need to remind ourselves of the dangers from this massive expansion in the political plunder machine.

The modern state may use the illusionary rhetoric of "social justice," but the reality of the political paternalism is a further loss of our individual liberty, a huge growth in political coercive power, a weakening of the independence and charactor of free men, and a massive expansion of government debt, taxes and likely inflation that threatens to stiffle the prosperity of Americans for decades to come.

It is taking us further down a new road to serfdom, in which a political and special interest elite plan and control our lives, while expecting us to be their serfs producing the wealth they want to steal.
Using the lessons taught us by Nobel Prize winners James Buchanan and Friedrich A. Hayek, Ebling shows us how political plunder is pushing us "toward a civilization that may be heading for a terrible collapse that will leave nothing but tyranny and poverty for generations to come."

Read the full article here.

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