Thursday, December 10, 2009

Does Warren Buffett Have a Mancrush on Tiger Woods?

So says Buffett biographer Alice Schroeder.

She claims one of the reasons that Buffett bought the company Netjets was because his wife, Susie, liked to fly on them. I think Schroeder is on to something here. If you read her biography of Buffett, where she was able to get access to Buffett, his friends and many of his papers, Buffett's wife Susie had a strong impact on Buffett when ever he seemed to wander away from his logical thinking.

Susie, for example, was the one who was the left wing thinker in the family from the start, and the one that influenced Buffett into his more nutty left wing beliefs.

Schroeder also says that Netjets was also a way for him to rub elbows with celebrities:
NetJets moved Buffett up many notches in the celebrity elephant-bumping world. This is how he met Arnold Schwarzeneggar and also his mancrush of all time, Tiger Woods (!). [Netjets founder]Santulli also got him into the legendary restaurant Rao's, and introduced him to Damon Runyonesque characters like Bo Dietl.
The groupie/power elitist part of Buffetts personality seems to have emerged once he befriended (and probably started sleeping with) Washington Post president Katherine Graham.


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