Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Future of News Reporting

This will conclude our coverage of Tiger Woods (I think), but check out this video report. It's coming out of Taiwan (viaClusterstock) but it just goes to show you how creativity and innovation comes in unexpected ways from unexpected sources.

Expect MSM to adopt this format in the future, but it was the result of free markets that it emerged in the first place.

The video report is here.

Here's another.

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  1. Fifteen years ago as an investment banker in the media industry I remember discussions of "infotainment" and "edutainment"as the next new thing in media. But we had no idea what this new trend was really going to bring. Certainly this merging of fact and fiction was not what I had in mind.

    So Robert - when are we going to see animated scenes of Bernanke manipulating the money supply?