Sunday, December 6, 2009


Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a French Socialist politician who heads the IMF, is considering running for president of France.

This, naturally, is resulting in a whisper campaign about Strauss-Kahn and his womanizing ways. And he is not happy. He is threatening to sue current French president Nicolas Sarkozy over the campaign.

The intrepid UK's timesonline reports about Straus-Kahn:
The charming and charismatic leftwinger was also at the centre of a titillating mystery involving Yasmina Reza (pictured left), France’s most celebrated playwright, who published an intimate portrait of Sarkozy after his election triumph in 2007.

The book was dedicated enigmatically to “G”, whom she depicted as a lover, and French literary sleuths promptly concluded that the G was Strauss-Kahn, whose middle name is Gaston. Reza has refused to confirm G’s identity

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  1. Damn, why do left-wingers always get the hotties?!

    Ever see the Italian film, "Il Postino" about a young, naive postman in Italy who delivers mail to the exiled Pablo Neruda? Pablo had a fiiiiine woman in that flick, too, that dirty communist dog!

    I was actually just thinking the other day how, for whatever reason, the liberty movement is a bit of a sausage fest (yes, yes, it's not completely devoid of women, there is Wendy McElroy and... Karen DeCoster and... ummm...) but that an Obama rally would probably be a pretty good place to pick up a nice, young, attractive, miseducated woman. It'd just be so hard to fake the enthusiasm for the tyrant on stage, I don't know if it'd ultimately be worth it.

    It seems "artists" of many varities (movie stars, actors, writers, playwrights, painters, illustrators and computer technologists) tend to have leftist leanings. I wonder if there is some psycho-biological connection between "left"-brain creativity and leftism?