Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Working Families Party Coming Soon to a City Near You

City Hall News has put together an important 5-part report on the left-wing Working Families Party, and its complex web of non-profit and for profit entities.

You may not have heard of them, but they have played a key role in getting a number of New York City public officials elected, including the New York City Comptroller and the New York City Public Advocate--two high profile NYC positions, and a fifth of NYC's city council.

The report quotes a Brooklyn State Senator:

“Let me just say this: I’m a Democrat—I’ve never gotten any help from the state party, ever,” said State Sen. Kevin Parker of Brooklyn, who has been endorsed by the Party in each of his races and was a client of Data & Field Services in his contested 2008 primary. “I would not be elected if not for the Working Families Party. They’ve always worked hand-in-hand together. I call the Working Families Party the ‘progressive wing’ of the Democratic Party.”

The party has ACORN and SEIU connections, a George Soros donation, and they are expanding into other parts of the country.

The full investigative report is here.

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