Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rothbard vs. The Philosophers

Here's the table of contents to the newly issued collection of private memos by Murray Rothbard:

Preface By David Gordon
Introduction: Law And Nature In The Work Of Murray N. Rothbard by Roberta Modugno
Rothbard’s Unpublished Writings
Rothbard On Leo Strauss
Criticism Of The Subjectivism Of Values
Criticism Of Hayek: Historical Rights And Natural Rights
Criticism Of The Concept Of Coercion In Hayek
Reviews and Comments By Murray Newton Rothbard

1. Letter On Rugged Individualism By George B. Cutten
2. Confidential Memo To The Volker Fund On F.A. Hayek’s Constitution Of Liberty
3. Letter On The Constitution Of Liberty By F.A. Von Hayek
4. Review Of Lionel Robbins, The Great Depression
5. Letter On The Eighteenth-Century Commonwealthman By Caroline Robbins
6. Letter On What Is Political Philosophy? By Leo Strauss
7. Letter On Thoughts On Machiavelli By Leo Strauss
8. Letter On On Tyranny By Leo Strauss
9. The Symposium On Relativism: A Critique
10. On Polanyi’s The Great Transformation
Final Matter

Chronology Of The Life And Works Of Murray Newton Rothbard
References And Bibliography
Selected Writings By Murray N. Rothbard
Writings On Murray N. Rothbard
Writings Of A General Nature
178 page, paperback, 2009

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