Sunday, December 6, 2009

Top Ten

Below are the Top Ten most viewed posts for the week ending Saturday December 5, 2009.

#1 Tyler Cowen Rips "Ron Paul-Lew Rockwell Libertarianism"

#2 Major North Korea Currency Devaluation

#3 Shock: Inside the Healthcare Bill (20th week in the Top Ten!)

#4 UAE Central Bank Will Protect Banking System

#5 Does B.J. Kang Want to Be King Kang of New York?

#6 Gains in Temporary Help Flattens Out Unemployment Numbers

#7 Meet the Future Death Panel Czar

#8 Does the Plunge Protection Team Manipulate the Gold Price? (August post that returns to the TopTen, thanks to a link from MSN's Moneycentral)

#9 HSBC to Retail Gold Buyers: "Get Your Gold the Hell Out of Here" (2nd week on list.)

#10 Afghanistan Is About Oil Pipelines and Western Domination of the Energy-Rich Caspian Basin (August post that returns in light of Obama sending additional troops to Afghanistan.)

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