Friday, January 8, 2010

It's Up Hill for Peter Schiff, Again

Following Senator Chris Dodd's announcement yesterday that he will retire rather than run for reelection, other Democratic prospects in Connecticut have suddenly gotten much stronger in the polls. Richard Blumenthal, the state attorney general, announced his canndidacy yesterday, and he leads all potential Republican challengers by wide margins.

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in Connecticut, taken last night, now finds Blumenthal leading former GOP Congressman Rob Simmons 56% to 33%. A month ago, Simmons had a 13-point lead over Dodd.

Linda McMahon, the ex-CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, trails Blumenthal by a 58% to 34% margin. She led Dodd by six.

Peter Shiff, the widely-known president of Euro Pacific Capital, was essentially even with Dodd but now trails Blumenthal by more than two-to-one - 60% to 24%.

“With a single announcement, Chris Dodd transformed the Senate race in Connecticut from one that leaned in the GOP direction to a fairly safe bet for the Democratic Party,” noted Scott Rasmussen, president and founder of Rasmussen Reports.


  1. A great deal can happen in 2010. The current course of the Democrats under Obama's leadership seems to have its parallels with the GOP under Bush II.

    The GOP is clearly sick! It cannot provide direction or inspiration for people in a declining, even a collapsing nation. The current economic crisis has certainly NOT run its course, and Peter Schiff is the only candidate in the Senate race who understands this, and perhaps has the will to help the country, and the State of Connecticut to undertake the measures necessary for recovery.

    David K. Meller

  2. PETER SCHIFF is the only real candidate in this race, I'm just glad there is a choice this time!