Friday, January 8, 2010

Rare Technical Gold Formation

The Batman Top:

BTW: What this actually looks like, technically speaking, is a double-top. If it breaks Batman's neckline, not even the batmobile will be able to prevent a severe short-term drop in gold.



  1. Can't take credit for this one, but my buddy suggested it is the Bat Signal.

  2. Gotham City needs a hero in its darkest hour...

  3. Mr. Wenzel, you have been calling for a gold correction/crash for the past three months; when gold neared the 1000 price level. In case you were busy partying with Mr Roubini, gold prices have now risen 20% since your oh so very succinct call.

  4. Do you realize how stupid gold is making you look from your repeated correction calls? Your calls on gold is the definition of madness.