Thursday, January 28, 2010

Response to State of the Union

By Rick Torres

Our Founders would be mortified if they heard President Obama speak tonight. They would be shocked at the fact that the government large enough to do everything for us---and thus large enough to take everything from us----is already here. President Obama wants us to believe that as the government digs its hands into our pockets to provide us with the services we can get for ourselves, we should be grateful.

There is hardly a challenge by Republican leaders to the concept of government bureaucrats raiding our wallets so that they can spend it on our behalf the way they see fit. Why do Republican leaders shy away from arguing that the way to prosperity is through a private economy, and that the best 'jobs program' the government can institute is by getting out of the way, through lower taxes and deregulation? Unfortunately, too many so-called 'moderates' in the Republican party had voted for increased spending, opening the door for unprecedented growth of government under this president.

It is time we revert back to the original tenets of the Constitution: a small government instituted among us to secure our life and liberty---not to confiscate and redistribute the fruits of our labor.

Rick Torres is running for Congress in Connecticut.

1 comment:

  1. With statements like this: "Why do Republican leaders shy away from arguing that the way to prosperity is through a private economy," Mr Torres is as delusional as Pres. Obama. Politicians have no incentive to increase the private economy and reduce the size of government, and every incentive to do the opposite.

    So either Mr. Torres is completely ignorant of the most important facts about politicians or he is lying. Either way he's not worth voting for. DON'T VOTE IT ONLY ENCOURAGES THEM.