Thursday, January 28, 2010

Geithner Headed to 7 Degree Weather to Promote the Battle Against Global Warming

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner will travel to Minneapolis today to attend a roundtable discussion hosted by the Mayors’ Green Manufacturing Initiative and Honeywell International.

According to the Treasury:
The Secretary will tour the Honeywell energy efficient control factory, where he will learn about a wide array of Honeywell products and see several of the many ways Recovery Act dollars are hard at work. Following the tour, Secretary Geithner will join local business and labor leaders, industry representatives and elected officials to discuss the work being done in Minnesota to create green jobs. During the roundtable, the group will discuss how investments in clean energy and energy efficiency present significant opportunities to create green manufacturing jobs in Minnesota and nationwide while helping move the country toward a green economy.
It should be noted that Geithner will be making this trip to Minneapolis, in part, to promote the government's battle against global warming, while the high temperature in Minneapolis today is expected to be 7 degrees.

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