Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why Debra Medina's Candidacy For Texas Governor Should Be Nationalized

By Phil Pepin

Debra Medina against all odds is quickly becoming a viable candidate the implications are enormous.

Scott Brown's shocking victory is a mixed blessing for the cause of freedom. On one hand it has put a major roadblock in the path towards Obama Care. On the other hand Scott Brown is a big government Republican. So far there are no signs that true reform is taking place in the GOP. The people in control of the party during the worst two consecutive election cycle defeats in GOP history are still in control of the leadership nationally. This is why a Debra Medina victory is a tremendous opportunity to return to the original constitutionally limited government given us by the founders. The obvious question is why is it that important for Medina to win? The answer is because Texas is that important. Texas is the flagship state of the Republican Party. The Texas GOP is the biggest in the Nation. It's also, heavily controlled by the Bush/McCain wing. The two establishment candidates for governor represent two of the worst examples of compromised career politicians. Both Perry & Hutchson's record are typical of out of touch elitist. Perry like Obama, repeatedly tried to cram the Trans Texas Corridor & tolling existing roads down the throats of Texans who clearly in poll after poll were against it by huge margins.The same Obama like behavior was exhibited by Senator Hutchinson in voting for TARP even though her phone lines were melted down with overwhelming opposition to TARP. Only a fool would expect either Perry or Hutchinson to be any different then they have been their entire political careers. This country will not survive with two socialist political parties. Like it or not most Republicans are really FDR Democrats. Virtually all of the New Deal is vigorously supported by and even expanded by Republicans.The GOP today is not the same GOP that fought hard to stop the government expansion during the FDR administration. Unfortunately even back then the infiltration of Progressives into the GOP had begun to transform the party. It's that deep rooted progressive influence that has effectively neutered the Republican Party from being a true small government party. It's for those reasons among others that underscore the huge advancement towards freedom a Medina victory would usher in. Here are some of the major gains that would occur:

1.The era of the career politician would be in serious jeopardy.The founders envisioned citizen rule not career politicians. Medina's victory coupled with the very likely Rand Paul victory in the Senate race in Kentucky would be huge political statements in support of non-career politicians.

2. Medina's strong 10th amendment platform is exactly the type of philosophy needed to help restore State sovereignty.Texas would become the leader in that cause.

3. Medina is a true tax reformer. Her stand on eliminating property tax will serve as a blueprint for the rest of the country to end confiscatory taxing schemes.

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