Saturday, February 13, 2010

Deputy Treasury Secretary Wolin Sees a "Moment of Historic Opportunity"...

to regulate the world.

On Sunday, February 14, Deputy Secretary Neal Wolin will be in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to deliver remarks at the Jeddah Economic Forum during the "Global Economic Governance after the Crisis" session.

"As we begin this new decade, we must build on the achievements of the last," Deputy Secretary Wolin will say. "With a sense of common purpose, we must build a foundation for sustainable growth. With a sense of collective urgency, we must enact financial reform before the memory of this crisis recedes. And more broadly, together we must create a global economy that is stronger and safer for generations - of Americans, of Saudis, of global citizens - to come. This moment of both historic opportunity and obligation demands nothing less."

As the crisis recedes? Hah!

From there he flies to for Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, where the crisis is anything but receding.

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