Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dissing Hedge Funds Helps Sell Pizza

Politico explains:
Richard Baker, president and CEO of the Managed Funds Association, uses a Domino’s Pizza ad, of all things, to illustrate how much work the hedge-fund industry he represents has to do to polish its image as Congress eyes tougher financial regulations.

The ad ran about a year ago and featured the pizza-maker’s CEO, David Brandon, handing out cheap pizzas to working folks as Domino’s “Big Taste Bailout.”

But as a small army of delivery people hand out pizzas on Wall Street, Brandon declares he’s not helping the “fat cats” and takes one back from an old white man in a suit and tie. “Sorry, Mr. Hedge Fund,” he says.

“The sad fact for me was not the ad; the sad fact was that I know somewhere ... there is polling data that indicates talking bad about hedge funds helps sell pizza,” said Baker
Actually, in general hedge fund operators aren't anywhere near the evil bastards Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, or Private Equity operators are. They are mostly in and out of positions and tend to be information seekers versus operators who want to influence government policy.

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  1. Unless you're George Soros. Then hedge funds are pretty evil.