Monday, February 8, 2010

Las Vegas Marijuana Convention Plans Go Up in Smoke

Marijuana convention organizer Lou Woznicki said Mandalay Bay notified him that his March 19-21 Cannapalooza convention had been canceled the day after he met with law enforcement authorities to discuss security concerns, reports AP.

The event had been billed as the "largest head shop on the planet," a 50,000-square-foot marketplace for all things related to marijuana culture, from hand-blown glassware to hemp clothing and cosmetics.

At a January meeting with law enforcemnet officials, Woznicki said he walked into a room of more than 100 police officers, undercover vice cops, surveillance and security staff from Mandalay Bay, and gaming control and alcohol bureau officers.

Woznicki said the event was expected to draw 50,000 people and would have been good for the struggling Las Vegas economy.

Woznicki said he was embraced by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and major Las Vegas resorts when he first pitched the event.

But he said he noticed "trouble brewing" when he talked to Mandalay Bay officials in December.

"I felt there was a negative vibe there," he said. "Even at the meeting, a Mandalay Bay security guy said, `Pot smokers don't drink and gamble and that's where we make our money. It's bad for business.'"


  1. We're not really about freedom in this country- it's just the way we try to justify our foreign policy.

  2. i smoke pot and drink and gamble so do most of the tourist do also

    jeff vegas local