Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh Jesus, Lloyd Blankfein Hires Karl Rove Crony to Help Him with His Image

NyPo reports:
The 55-year-old chief executive of Goldman Sachs -- three-plus years into his tenure -- recently turned to a Texas corporate p.r. firm to buff the image of the tarnished Wall Street powerhouse.

Turning to outside consultants to gauge a firm's "perception in the marketplace" is unusual for the 140-year-old firm...

Blankfein took the step of using the fancy p.r. firm, Public Strategies, sources say, because he feels Goldman has successfully weathered a storm of controversy -- by trimming the overall compensation pool to 46 percent of revenue -- and must now work to undo the damage.

Public Strategies, headed by Dan Bartlett, a confidant of George W. Bush and Karl Rove...
They have started their work by demonstrating their clulessness as to the problem. NyPo again:
[They are] already on the case. Earlier this month, Goldman clients and Wall Street analysts starting filling out an exhaustive, online questionnaire seeking to pinpoint exactly what people thought of Blankfein's firm.
LOL. It's not about what financial analysts think about Goldman, it's about what the man on the street, the truck driver, the nun, the hooker, think about Goldman. To some degree, though, the questionnaire may be part cover. Their spinning already. You see, they have not been hired
"to make Lloyd Blankfein look like less of an evil asshole," they are just measuring perceptions.Yeah right.

I've seen these kinds of PR firms in operation before. Their specialty is running up fees. By the end of it, Blankfein will look worse than he does now. Linking him to Karl Rove, in even a small way, is a perfect absurd start. LOL.

These guys are connected, though, so the puff pieces will come out. The Rove connection, Bartlett actually worked for Rove, means that they will shutdown weasel Glenn Beck's criticism of Goldman, and Fox will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Goldman.

Their vice-chairman, Mark McKinnon, writes for the web site, The Daily Beast, so they have their tentacles into the web, also.

Watch for the puff pieces on Goldman and you will know who is controlled via puppet strings by this transpolitco Rove/Democrat outfit.

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  1. Lloyd isn't alone. Ukrainian candidates employed similar firms in their election:

    Some things should not be exported. That includes Rovian politics or the blue versions, Penn & Axelrod.