Sunday, February 14, 2010

Service Cuts Just Ahead for NYC Transit?

It could happen, given the overall financial situation in NYC. This would, of course, be a real downgrade in standard of living for NYC commuters. NYT reports:

Here is chilling news for the eight million commuters who ride New York City’s railroads, buses and subways each day and the businesses that depend on them. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which runs the system, is facing a budget shortfall of about $800 million.

Unless Gov. David Paterson and the Legislature find a fix, there will be drastic cuts in service: longer waits, overly crowded buses and trains, dirtier subway stations and more frequent breakdowns. Students will not have free passes to school and disabled riders would have less service.
It's time to return NYC subways to private ownership, the way they once were.

The subways would become cleaner and more efficent, almost overnight.


  1. "overly crowded"

    Haha... silly calculating socialists. So, some crowding is normal, necessary, perhaps even desireable! But at a particular margin, calculated and knowable only to the calculating socialists, that crowding might become a bit too OVERmuch!

  2. This means back to walking for me.

  3. Charge more! God forbid people would actually have to pay the real cost for services provided.

  4. And while you're charging more, let private companies bid for the service so that the most efficient provider wins.

  5. I'm not so sure that $2.25 is that below the true market price since obstructive shortages of transportation don't exist. The problems come more from government ownership than from the pricing.

  6. So is this what New Yorkers are in for?