Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Government Attack on Toyota: A Damage Assessment

After weeks of attack on Toyota by the Obama Administration, the numbers are in for an early damamge assessment.

Toyota Motor Corp. said today that February U.S. sales fell 8.7% to 100,027 units from 109,583 a year ago. Toyota branded light truck sales decreased 11.2% to 33,413 units, and branded car sales fell 8.9% to 59,193 units.

The beneficiaries not surprisingly were U.S. automakers.

Ford said it sold 142,285 vehicles last month, a huge 43.1% increase.

Of course, the huge Toyota scam was run for the benefit of General Motors.

GM sales climbed 11.5% rise to 141,951 cars and trucks. Excluding the brands that GM is shedding, sales jumped 32%.


  1. Now that GM is recalling 1.3 million cars, do you think congress will hold hearings about it ?

  2. Toyota was being stupid not to act much, much faster, and more proactively - they should have seen this coming, from a comms point of view that is. Not saying anything was wrong with the cars, just that their crisis comms people sucked, and management is not in tune with the political realities in the US