Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Story Behind the 'Rand' in Rand Paul's Name

Joe Weisenthal is out this morning with a comment he admits he just spun out of his head, rather than by doing any fact checking:
Rand -- which is short for Randall, and we assume so-named due to his father's affinity for Ayn Rand, though we're not sure -- will be a Senator with all the rights Bunning has to turn a "no" vote into something much more powerful.
Here's the real story, from Rand Paul:

BTW, the rest of Weisenthal's post on Bunning and Paul is quite interesting. I just hope he didn't pick that out of the air also.

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  1. The comments on Joe Ws little misblurb are pretty pro Rand Paul....not the typical lefty type of response, sort of a hybrid of the RodPaulians & JimDeminters!