Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Great Jon Stewart Interview of Harry Markopolos

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  1. I love how Stewart gives him such a hard time for being so angry. Obviously Harry M never got the memo that anger is not a reasonable and natural response to uncovering massive fraud and corruption and having your warnings about it go unheeded for almost a decade, only for everyone to act like this was a big old surprise afterward.

    The reality is that anger is only appropriate when you're a:

    a.) union member facing a lower pay-raise than you had expected
    b.) protected minority group that is not being coddled and given as many welfare handouts by the State as promised
    c.) a politician feigning populist outrage over policies and events you were responsible for shaping
    d.) employee at an insolvent bank that did not receive their deserved bonus

    Everyone else who demonstrates anger needs to be put on meds, lest they get carried away and hurt someone or themselves or otherwise behave in a crazy, anti-social manner.

  2. Taylor Conant,

    You mean you think it is unreasonable to angry with a world in which whistle-blowing means having hit squads looking for you and you family.

  3. Anon,

    I'm not sure how much of THAT particular aspect of the story I buy, because he doesn't seem to have a problem now showing his face and writing a public book. However, I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt so, yes, exactly.

    Who'd be angry about that?! Only a crazy person.

    They say that in the former USSR, only the crazy people questioned their government.