Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Is Carlyle About to Join Goldman Sachs as a Trading Firm?

They are moving in that direction.

Carlyle Group founder David Rubenstein must have been green with envy as Goldman Sachs in recent quarters reported huge Federal Reserve aided trading profits.

What cued us in on this?

Carlyle just announced that Mitch Petrick, Morgan Stanley’s former sales and trading chief, will join Carlyle Group to head the company’s distressed debt and leveraged finance business.

Carlyle, the world’s second-biggest private-equity firm, is seeking to profit outside the traditional leveraged buyout business after a two-year dealmaking slump, reports Business Week.

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  1. Will Morgan Stanley give James Hance, a Carlyle Senior Advisor and Morgan Board member, a hard time over the hiring?


    Did Carlyle buyout any noncompete contract?