Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hartford Courant: Schiff Is a Player; He Stole the Spotlight

The Hartford Courant, not by any means Schiff country, continues to recognize reality. They write:

Over the past week, political observers have been lauding Schiff's performance in last week's debate. The broker and author from Weston managed to steal the spotlight from what had previously been cast as two-person, knock-down GOP brawl between Rob Simmons and Linda McMahon.

Yesterday came confirmation that Schiff might be a player after all. As noted by Kevin Rennie, the Simmons camp circulated what could be its first critique of the Schiff campaign: a copy of Mark Pazniokas' detail-rich profile in the CT Mirror, with special emphasis on Schiff's statement that he agrees with his father, Irwin, about the income tax. Irwin Schiff is currently in federal prison for failing to pay his taxes.

Schiff knew it was coming: way back in August, when he sat down with me for a lengthy interview at his house, Schiff predicted his father would probably become a campaign issue. ""My dad didn't lie about anything," Schiff says. "He told the government he wasn't paying his taxes and here's why. . . . The worst you can say about my dad was that he was mistaken."

For the record, Schiff, unlike his dad, pays his taxes.

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