Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Low Profile Operator Who Has All the Major Government Contracts Monitoring the Fallout from the Financial Crisis

A new Wall Street/Washington operator is on the scene, Larry Fink. Maintaining a low profile, he is grabbing major government contracts which allow him to play THE major role on the asset side of the financial crisis bailouts.

It's clear that Fink has a better PR firm helping him than does Goldman Sachs. He's probably getting more favors from the government than Goldman, yet few have heard of him. Further, a new Vanity Fair profile is generally friendly, when it could have just as easily been a profile that painted Fink as a very Machiavellian character.

Meet the new operator in Washington: Here's the Vanity Fair profile.

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  1. Apparently Fink only takes from Uncle Sam.

    For more BlackRock's walking away from a NY real estate investment, leaving taxpayers potentially on the hook: