Thursday, March 4, 2010

Microsoft Turns Evil: Pitches Web-Use Tax for Security

A top Microsoft executive on Tuesday suggested a broad Internet tax to help defray the costs associated with computer security breaches and vast Internet attacks, according to The Hill.

Speaking at a security conference in San Francisco, Microsoft Vice President for Trustworthy Computing Scott Charney pitched the Web usage fee as one way to subsidize efforts to combat emerging cyber threats -- a costly venture, he said, but one that had vast community benefits.

"You could say it's a public safety issue and do it with general taxation," Charney noted.

Can you guess who would get a good chunk of the taxed funds?


  1. M$, and then the feds for collecting the taxes and 'overseeing' the effort?

    The bastards...nothing but viruses themselves; a freedom and liberty variant virus).

  2. Link this back to your NSA piece on redesigning the web and citizens will pay for the privilege of being spied upon.

  3. Microshit Builds back-doors in their OS in purpose ( or their programmers are indeed retarded ).
    So every time 'hackers' find the back-doors BGates issues Patches until all the doors are closed .
    THAN , MS issues Another OS ( updated and ' improved ' with brand new back-doors ( which are found again by hackers forcing MS to patch them and so on ).

    The Criminals at MS now demand that WE have to pay for this game .
    Q : don't we have some Honest and smart brains to designed a fail-proof OS ??
    P.S. : after writing C++ short programs ( some 2,000 lines each ) , it was crystal clear that no one can penetrate it , unless I designed it so ) . Just ask a professional and they will confirm .
    See Magnificent Solution at :
    Recipe for a Nation /

  4. This isn't anything new, Microsoft have been popping up with the suggestion of charging people per email in the past (to deter spammers of course) and this new web-use tax is just the same idea repackaged

    Microsoft doesn't deliberately build back doors into their software, it's the way they write software that leaves holes in it

    There are very few permanent staff programmers at Microsoft, most are on short-term contracts. Everyone hammers out code quickly while they're still getting paid and then there's a mad dash at the end of a project to splice it all together, it's a struggle just to get everyone's contribution to work together let alone be completely secure

    Vista is a good example of this; it was quite hokey when first released but it's pretty stable now it's at SP2 and they've had a chance to finish it off

  5. Gates doesn't want his eugenics policy released on the web anymore .the guy is total scum

  6. MS builts back-doors in Purpose , no accident .
    Ponder about it , every Single OS from DOS to now has those doors , no honest business would allow this considering the on-going public criticism , bad reputation AND the competition available in the market from other OSs ...
    No , it's not an accident , it was from the begining a Requirement from the US Government in order to support MS and spread their dishonest OSs .

  7. Microsoft CAUSED the predispositions on the internet for security problems with their faulty programming, therefore Microsoft is LEGALLY liable for damage control; users of the internet should not be held monetarily liable. Also, the dynamic involves TWO main factors: Dealing with security problems, and control over what people DO on the internet, which is what any taxes would REALLY be used for. We all know this. Microsoft and Bill Gates must be recalling what he did on the previous planet; it's not going to fly, here.

  8. The cheapest way to exploits is to do what many corporations, the US government and other nations are doing - stop using Internet Explorer.

    I have a collection of event log images that captured an attack and includes keys Microsoft engineers intentionally alloted the Windows OS to allow systems to be breached.

    3 years ago a Microsoft representative admitted that Microsoft purposely created holes in their security objects to allow government and corporate snoops into user computers.

    Microsoft security kernels are developed and manufactured in Israel.

    Bill Gates is considering the purchase of an island in Greece.

    You can run from the trouble your police state facilitations is causing Billy, but you'll never be able to hide.

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