Friday, March 12, 2010

The New Proposed Worker ID Card Is About Tracking the Entire Global Population

Nathan Allonby emails:
I wanted to thank you for your intelligent article, and point out the conclusions of my own research-that ID cards are part of an information system to manage and facilitate migration/immigration.

Read Allonby's report here. When you read the report, you will learn that this is a global effort, that it is much further along than most people realize, and it will scare the hell out of you.

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  1. This fits with the World Economic Forum's priorities, one of which is managing migration. Here are their identified priorities:

    1. Values-the group encouraged a common language for going forward, the language of business

    2. Role of Private Sector-sovereign funds (like Dubai World) were touted as solutions to global infrastructure needs, however such funds won't invest long term in underdeveloped nations due to political risk. A new structure is needed to mitigate such political risks, such that sovereigns will invest. (They didn't say what that was, insurance, economic unions, governmental unions)

    3. Migration-the need for a global structure to handle the movement of people.

    4. Global Health Risk Institute-such a group would go well beyond traditional medicine in identifying health risks for populations.

    5. Mitigating Policy Risk-it called for the next generation of public policy machinery for leaders (code talk for what?)