Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Obama as the First Third World President

Lew Rockwell posts an article by Mary Ellen Synon about the roots of President Obama and why he is dissing Great Britain, France, etc. Scary stuff. Read it here.


  1. Bob,

    Thanks for posting this. Scary stuff indeed. Obama's promotion of Third World socialism comes from his disdain of our British legal/constitutional tradition, in my view. I've always found it interesting that, if you look at the world's economically freeest nations, as measured by the Heritage Foundation and Fraser Institute (granted, we are grading on the curve, so to speak), you find that all but Switzerland are spawn of the British empire. This would include, of course, Hong Kong and Singapore.

  2. Is it fair to suggest that an upbringing in Hawaii to be "third world," "socialist," or anti-American?

    To have a global rather than Eurocentric set of diplomatic priorities is quite different than to "disestablish the United States, Great Britain and Europe from the hegemony of world power, and elevate in their place the hegemony of the Third World under international governance."

    Could Obama simply reacting to evolving geopolitical realities, rather be acting from some deep-seated hatred of British institutions?