Friday, March 26, 2010

On the Multiple Death Threats I Have Received

Dear Congresswoman Louise Slaughter,

I note in media reports that you have received a death threat from an anonymous caller.  It is unclear whether this whack job has the capability or desire to actually carry out the threat. I hope not. But, nevertheless, I can empathise. I have also recently been the subject of multiple death threats.

The threats have come not from anonymous callers, but from identifiable people here in  the United States who have put their threats in writing, to be carried out by their hired guns. I believe these people are delusional. They actually think they have a right to kill me, "for my own good". I am hoping you can provide some guidance on what precautions I should take to protect me from these people.

Here is the situation.

You see, I pretty much mind my own business. Yet, these people some how think they should interfere in my life and force me to do things their way. Get this. They say they are going to force me to do things their way based on the Constitution. From what I understand, they have a tortured view of the commerce clause that is in the Constitution. They think it gives them the right to interfere in my life and ultimately kill me.

Basically, these people have designed a medical system that has pushed medical prices out of control. Medical prices are going up much faster than the rate of inflation. They think they are going to fix this problem by forcing me  to buy a new kind of medical insurance they have invented. I know it sounds insane. I know the best way to keep prices low is to have many competitors, with many different options. But they have so road blocked the system that there are few competitors. And now they are limiting my options even more by forcing me to buy insurance from one of the insurance companies they have designated.  And, get this, I know it will be hard to believe, but in addition to forcing me to buy insurance from these companies, they are going to tell these insurance companies what can and can't be in the coverage. This means there won't even be competition on the types of coverage offered.

Now, I know the common sense advice would be to just ignore such crazed people, but they have IN WRITING stated that they will throw me in jail if I don't pay up. I'm thinking of just staying in my house, but I have heard these people will come with something they call SWAT teams, break down my door and come after me. My friend tells me that, when the SWAT teams come, it could get very dangerous and I could get killed. He says it has happened before and he told me that they will consider me dangerous because I refuse to go to jail as a result of my not wanting their medical insurance. He told me to think Waco and Ruby Ridge. See how insane this is getting? And, honest, I did not provoke these people nor do I want to have anything to do with them. So I guess you can see my predicament. If I refuse them at any step of the way, there is no question they will use force and kill me if they think it is necessary.

Now, I'm thinking maybe I should just go along and buy the insurance from them, afterall, who needs such a death dagger hanging over ones head? But, these people really don't stop. I mean they are obsessed with interfering in my life every step of the way.

I started looking at the insurance policies they offer, and get this, there are all kinds of restrictions on what doctors can earn and how much medicines can cost, which I guess most insurance plans have to a degree, but not this degree. Further,  they want to stop, or make it very difficult, for anyone in the entire United States from paying more to health care professionals .  This, I know, will limit incentives for doctors and other medical personnel from coming up with new drugs and treatments, so I am hoping that if I get ill in the future that I come down with something they already have a cure for, since innovations under their plans, I can tell, are going to be down tremendously. It will be another death sentence, a death threat carried out.

I know all this sounds terrible, but there is more.

I realize that even if there already is a treatment available for some diseases under their plans, they may disallow the treatment if they think the price is too high. They may even put price controls on treatments, that will severely limit the number of providers. So this could also limit the length of my life, even where known treatments exist. It's another death threat.

I know all this sounds crazy that in a country where unregulated markets have developed everything from microwaves, iPods, flying planes, baseball and color television, that these people actually think it would be a better place if we throw away the creative free markets and replace it by decisions made by them and then they will kill us if we don't listen, and maybe even if we do. I know it sounds crazy, but I swear it is true.

Since, you have been the victim of a death threat, you know how I feel.

I know I am not in your voting district, but you seem like a decent person, so I am hoping you can give me some advice on how to deal with these people who I SWEAR  are very serious about their threats, probably even more so than the person that threatened you.


Robert Wenzel


  1. Wenzel,

    Right on! This needs to be repeated over and over again until people get over this childish dichotomy where the rulers rule us benevolently and consensually and it is only the rowdy rabble and their unprovoked violence that anyone has to fear.

    One of my argumentative tactics when dealing with socialists is to always get them to understand that any and all social solutions involving the use of government are overt, explicit calls to use violence against me and other people targeted by the policies and that, in this sense, they are advocating something very radical and anti-social indeed!

  2. Wenzel wins...flawless victory.

  3. Brilliantly done, Mr. Wenzel.

    For many years I've listened to liberals and leftists complain about all the "uninsured" in America. I never dreamed that their "solution" to this problem would be to put a gun to the head of every American and demand that they buy government-approved insurance or face going to jail. Some solution!!

  4. On point. And thanks for putting out there the humor...only a serious and vile, dangerous socialistic can of worms can inspire this type of pathos. Perhaps maybe, though, when we all realize not only are we 'not alone' in our feelings, we can then be learn to be One with each other and just possibly they then will truly fear for their lives.

  5. Very Cute wenzel. And it plays well to your readers. But it is useless to try to engage politicians in a rational discussion. You will not be persuasive to them. Politics and government are about power and force and politicians respond only to that. Words will not protect you but they might inform. To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson: the tree of liberty must be periodically nourished with the blood of patriots.

  6. Very well put Mr. Wenzel. I enjoyed it.

    To those who comment about the "liberals", the "leftists" and the "socialists:

    Mr. Wenzel's argument applied consistently is relevant to the very idea of the State. Threatening to kill people who refuse your preferred form of defense/dispute resolutions/policing/etc... is no different morally than threatening to kill people who refuse your preferred form of health care.

  7. Government is organized-legitimized violence.

  8. Bastiat could not have said it better. May your commentary spread far and wide. True, as one reader posted, it will have zero effect on politicians, but they're corrupt beyond reach anyway. If it is still possible to sell freedom to literate adults, this essay might do it.

  9. Hmmm. I'm from Canada. Socialized medicine works. I'd be dead many times over if I lived in a system like yours down south, where 'unregulated' insurance companies put basic coverage out of my reach. I don't know who told you that 'unregulated' medical markets are a boon. Medicine is not a market, or a racket - it's a right. Here's hoping the fast one your government just pulled on the insurance companies ends up meaning socialized care for you down south. I understand many of you don't like the notion of socialism, yet it seems to have paid off for your banks...

  10. Pg 336-HR3590 (Obamacare) WAIVER OF CRIMINAL PENALTIES and LIMITATIONS ON LIENS AND LEVIES. Can't prosucte or take money for noncompliance so RIGHT NOW there is no threat on your life under current legistation.

  11. Philippe

    Until you read the full bill and report back to us, don't throw a paragraph out at us.

    Obama and his cronies no damn well no one will buy this over priced insurance without penalties. The penalties will be there or no one is going to sign up.

  12. This is the end, beautiful friend, the end.

  13. Yeah Joey, the banks are working out fine.

    But see, to anyone familiar with the debate, it's obvious your clueless.

    Our banks are not a "socialized" system. They are a privately owned monopoly with very mild oversight by our government.

    Nowhere in any socialist text is it the corporations that tell the government what is going to go down, that is called "fascism" , not "socialism".

    And since we are throwing billions and trillions at banks to keep them afloat, we hate the fact our banks are "socialized" and it isn't working at all, unless you call throwing trillions of dollars of wealth into a black hole from whence it will never return is called "working".

    How do you know you couldn't "afford" care in America? We have care for people that can't afford it, it is called "medicare" or "medicaid" you just have to have the energy and want to fill out some freaking paperwork to get coverage if your poor.

    Also, by law in most states, emergency rooms have to treat all comers, whether you have ID or insurance or not, but being Canadian you wouldn't know any of that, all you know is ridiculous democratic talking points you hear on the US news.

    If you care so little about your helathcare that you can't be bothered to fill out some forms, I don't want to be forced to pay for a bureaucracy to police up your lazy butt.

    And Medicine a RIGHT!?!?!?

    Let me ask you a question genius, do you buy food at a store, or do you pay a tax and have food issued to you by the government? How about water, you pay a water bill? House payment? Rent?

    How can medicine be a "right" but you have to pay for food, water, shelter and clothing?

    Most people would die faster without water then medicine. Your muddled communist talking points are ridiculous.

    Stay in Canada, it is obvious you don't know enough about our country to comment on it, let alone survive in it.

  14. I'm moving out of the USA. This is too much. It's becoming the USSA.

  15. Joey, just the other day there was a Canadian at the hospital here in The States. They'd come down here to get medical help that wasn't covered up North. They'd got tired of waiting. They came down here, got right in. Like immediately. They were VERY thankful that the U.S. had some semblance of free market medicine remaining. But those days are now numbered. You can tell your Canadian friends they will no longer be able to come down here for proper care. They'll have to go to Mexico.

  16. Wow, thank you for posting this. An incredible read.

  17. What a pathetic bunch of misinformed boobs on here. If you just look for the bad stuff you will find much to dislike, as I recall during the last administration all the whining in the world never stopped the illegal wars from happening or the crash of the financial world or the immoral torture or any of the atrocities of the bush administration which by comparison were far more unconstitutional than action to provide for the common good of the people of the united states by forcing the fascist insurance industry to provide coverage for those who need it. Don't you understand that people like you are the tools of the fascist corporations and corrupt media and political figures who depend on you for silly stunts to distract from reality.

  18. well, i truly do appreciate this website. as for insurance, i pay almost five hundred a month. i got sick and was laid off on medical leave, i now owe over 50,000 in medical bills as my insurance wont pay until i lay down my 2000 deductible. how the hell do i pay that much in the first place. it would take me over two months complete pay to do that.
    last year the deductible was 1500, year before that 1000. why does it keep going up?

  19. "by forcing the fascist insurance industry to provide coverage for those who need it." Um, I don't see any "facscit insurance industries being forced" to do ANYTHING! I see a FASCIST government FORCING ME to buy outrageously expensive and INADEQUATE goververment "health insurance" that I neither NEED nore WANT whilst they pass one draconian law after another to eliminate my ability to SELF TREAT by using herbs and vitamins and other holistic methods. Not to mention the laws they are passing to prevent ordinary citizens from growing their own NON GMO organic food. Talk about being "distracted from reality"! You need to go look in the mirror, moron.

  20. Now your individual liberties are under attack by the govenment of all things when it is the fascist corporations who enforce all of the above mentioned things by buying off the greedy stupid politicians to vote for the crap to begin with. Don't you understand that this is a circle jerk, plus divide and conquer to the maximum degree, yes people are angry, but they are also confused and being used to promote the corporate agenda, as each new teaparty hero emerges, he she or it is immediatley co opted for THEIR agenda, which is neither right nor left but meant to further obfusticate progress and confuse certain americans.I refuse to jerk.
    Moron in the mirror

  21. Taylor Conant is right. Ultimately the only reason for the government to get involved in commerce is to drive an outcome by force.

    Caring for your health, and being made to do something by force have nothing to do with each other. And by virtue of that you know that the whole idea never had ANYTHING to do with health or healthcare.

  22. A. The mandate is unenforced, it simply changes the tax situation, and there will be ways around that. It is essentially a tax incentive. I thought conservatives liked those.
    B. There will be affordable exchanges created to buy into for the mandate, not the current plans you see out there.
    C. As a defense contractor, Raytheon where the microwave was invented, has always been regulated to one degree or another.

    D. Whether you are willing to accept this fact or not, you are already paying for everyone's healthcare and paying more for yours. The mandate is a serious, if admittedly unpleasant step toward controlling costs.

    E. Nice way to trivialize death threats.

  23. Hospitals are the most lethal places to be in the country. Being forced into a system through coercion based on the armed seizure of your life energy is hardly trivial. It is a threat. Pay your taxes, accept our system, or your property will be confiscated by force and you will be put in jail, or perhaps shot while resisting.

    How is that trivial?

  24. My Canadian friends go back to their nation for care when they need it. They get medical care too as well. They say that their Canadian Rx, same manufacturer, same strength, identical looking pills or capsules - work better with less side effects than their US counterparts. They say that there are regional problems with Canadian healthcare provision but mostly not. My British friends tell me that their problems occurred when the system was new but are mostly ironed out now.

    I really like this writing here. I could not get too worked up over "health care reform" as it has been presented. I do believe that we should have Universal coverage but for many of us - our bodies do not conform to the standard allopathic legally accepted medical model. Sometimes are bodies violently do not conform and the legally accepted medicine puts us at death's door and worse. We pay lots of money for insurance but do not have medical care because we have to be able to seek outside the medical model mandated by law and by our employers. Often we no longer have any monies left to get the alternate care we need and so we suffer.

    We are very tempted to stop paying the $600 per month for our insurance coverage so that we might afford our care. For example, my husband's insulin has gone from $3.50 to $350 literally from December to January. We have been seeking an answer to this since the beginning of the year. We have not been able to afford his insulin. He is in a very precarious position. So is this the last profiteering - gouging of the populace being done by the medical mafia prior to their foreseen demise? Why is it allowed? Perhaps it is true that they wish to kill off the "useless eaters"? Those of us who are elderly and/or ill? Is this the cleansing/purging that will allow their new system to show success?

    The healthcare reform will never be successful except with false twisted numbers. There are too many flaws with the standard medical model and its concepts and too many of us know it. I see that doctors are feeling very vulnerable and in the last few months they are very aware of patients' pocketbooks and are willing to teach home remedies for those of us whose bodies will not process pharmaceuticals. Now that I am disabled from not being able to process those Rx I find it a bit late but better late than never.

  25. Sorry, your statement that the insurance company won't pay your claim until you meet your deductible is completely false. The provider bills the insurance company, the Ins. Co. verifies coverage, applies the deductible not met against the billed amount, and sends the doctor or hospital the balance after the deductible. In short, your $2000 deductible is not owed to the Insurance Company, it's owed to your doctor. The ins. co. would pay your doc/hosp $48,000 in your senario, you could then make arraingments with your doc/hospital to pay them let's say, $100 per month until the $2000 you owe is paid off. I've been a health insurance broker for 25 years.

  26. The whole concept of insurance is a socialist concept - that everyone pays a "tax" in the form of insurance premiums, then some people get greater benefits than they pay for, while others get fewer benefits than they paid.

    Insurance is not "free market" - insurance is just a socialized scam. People only buy insurance because they think they will get more out of it than they put into it. Since it is impossible for everyone to get more out than they put in, that means that some people must do without so that others can have more.

    Free market would be if everyone paid for whatever they used. If there were no insurance, it would be impossible for the hospitals to charge $10,000 a day for a bed because no one would be able to pay. The costs for medical care would be drastically reduced because otherwise, no one would be able to pay. Without the need for doctors to purchase outrageous malpractice insurance they would be able to make a profit from much lower medical charges.

    The insurance companies have got a protection racket going and are playing both sides. They force doctors to purchase malpractice insurance, which drives up medical costs to the point where ordinary people are forced to purchase medical insurance if they hope to get any care at all. Then they use their monopoly position to force the doctors and hospitals to take lower fees from them, while charging walk-up patients the full price.

    Insurance is socialism and is evil.

  27. It quite funny(if you have a morbid sense of humor)how they use a black man to save us from credit enslavement and now he will be the tool to enslave the have to admit they do have a sense of sadistic humor...BUT I DON'T THINK IT'S VERY FUNNY.I have kids I am willing to die for

  28. So far the key benefits to America's creation aside from a highly skewed view of its own social contract (which needs be redone by every citizens consent, see Roseeau The Social Contract)

    America's Wonders
    Military Industrial Complex- With Israel's help we were able to compromise an entire population through religious allowance. There are a few of Judahs beloveds left in Israel, but as a whole she is likened to the status of a whore of the satan (it means enemy in hebrew).

    Monetary Industrial Complex - I heard of the knights templar having a system of ceramic debit cards since they were a stable economic powerhouse. We learned the lesson (stolen from masons?) and fornicated with it until we created the mess we see here upon us (the world).

    Medical Industrial Complex - Every human being was created freely, and this gift of life is ours only to ensure we gift ourselves as much as possible. The free market system was a skeezy way to play god with the citizenry for research. As for abortion, what year is? If you don't want your child, you give it to the state. Don't want that burden on you? Try other types of sex, or use a little common sense. The very fact humans created this system is appauling. I mean this MIC gives the green light to ANYTHING a fellow satan would want to do, such as dump flouride in the water and force us to buy it as a dental hygiene product when in fact it makes your mouth toxic, I am glad I'm single and appreciative of the fact I'm not proud of the ...

    Media Industrial Complex - Wholly Bucking SKYPE!!! This plus the apostles faulty lying views of Christianity is the icing on the cake of treachery. This MIC, covers up all the transgressions of the shadowy men who deal in the dark corners of their hearts to do business.

    The Spider and her interwebs wonder (The Internet) - Web 2.0.. web 3.0 is full of predictions about the hooked up culture to be tossed around until weird occurances occur. Web bots aside, the worst is the entire no more privacy issue. Everything that is done has been categorized and some transformed into an ad we will that has been almost tailored to our needs. The more electronic comforts we have, the more we find ourselves in the twitter/facebook/those small touch pad devices cocoon.

    Aside from the awake and aware minds that are collectively helping to find peace, the rest are like vapours being wafted into nothingness. They exist for the sole purpose being used from birth until death. Isaac Asimov won my heart when I read the Foundation Trilogy. Man after is just a series of patterns.

    Peace :)

    In the end... WHY are we still on Earth? I don't believe in aliens, unless I have some real evidence that isn't divined from the 'net.

  29. Health Insurance Reform was passed, but this bill is not about controlling the cost of care, or reducing cost. It does neither. Tort reform; no, interstate purchasing of insurance; no, cost of care price transparency; no, promote cost shifting; yes, mandating more benefits; yes, passing more taxes, which will eventually paid by the consumer; yes. As Vice President Joe Biden said, "We now control the Insurance Industry!". If you think health insurance is expensive now, wait till it's free!

  30. yeah I agree with a poster above, rational discussion will not be convincing to a bought-off politician. You gotta be offering 5+ mil and a private jet and all-expenses paid vacations to Israel and London to get these stalwarts to listen

  31. Imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery-- a death threat is.
    If someone wants to kill you for your words, consider it a compliment. You've REALLY reached something down deep inside them and twisted it. Hard. Isn't that worth something?
    I think so.
    If someone threatens to kill you for what you say, consider it a compliment.
    I do.
    All the time... :-)

  32. I love this discussion about socialism. Keeping a sense of humor is very important. Well, it seems that we have a free market economy. Ha Ha. Lets see. We have , for instance airlines. Airlines are privite business and show a profit. How would they run their privite business without airports? Who paid for the airports? What about the auto industry. How could they exist without roads? Who paid for the roads, so the auto industry can have a privite business and show a profit? Ha Ha. they can't show a profit even when we build them roads. Ha Ha. Check it out. Allthe major businesses are proped up by the system so they can show a profit. Is this socialism? Is this democracy? Does it mater which ism or theory or name or we use to fight about what we should do? Or maybe we could stop fighting like kindergardeners and stick to solving problems. What about comming up with solutions based on intelligent discussion. What about not fighting about things and using our energy to stay on the subject untis we find a solution to our problems other than war? Lets throw out the incompetent fools who are unable for lots of reasons, to discuss anything at all without a 2 party fight. We have intelligent people who can discuss things. What we do is a joke. Ha Ha. Any more rhetorical ideas? WTF is this?

    ny more rhetorical

  33. @ Joey Tavares

    Hmmm. I'm from Canada.... Socialized medicine works.....Medicine is not a market, or a racket - it's a right. Here's hoping the fast one your government just pulled on the insurance companies ends up meaning socialized care for you down south.....

    Wow, I'm from Canada. Do not believe Joey, he lies.

    Socialism is for babies. Medicine is not a right, being a non-thinker is a right though. Think deeply and get off the HFCS and Aspertame!

    Try to imagine Dr Quinm, Medicine Woman, extrapolated to today: I know a guy in Toronto that knows what to do about that boil on your ass.

    Compare that to: Here's a referral you to an ass-boil specialist in Toronto. His waiting list is 6 months, and he is booking into next year for surgery. I hope that doesn't burn your ass too much.

    The Ontario excuse-for-a-government just announced today it only wants to pay 25% of list for generic drugs, rather than the current 50%. Shoppers Drug Mart (big pharmacy here) said they will lay-off and close stores etc. to combat lower margins.

    Eat healthy, read labels, take Vitamin D, be strong, you will need to be light on your feet soon.

  34. This is for Joey, from Canada.
    The difference between the usa and canada is that we, long ago, stopped having tea with the queen. So, for all your vaunted freedoms that you wish we had, that is a "freedom" we no longer want, hell we even had a revolution over it! But you still curtsy when the queen passes by. And you want to teach us about how great socialized medicine is? What a joke!

  35. I want to send this to my IDIOT Congresscritter (who voted for the monstrosity that is Obamacare), but he is so dense, I'll have to add "Satire" headings to it.

    Or I might link to it on my blog. Good job!

  36. In answer to the post on how we actually have medical care for everyone here: Medicare is not so easy to get, in case you haven't checked lately. Very few qualify. Yes, you can go to the emergency room when you're desperate. Do you think that's the proper use of an ER? And do you really call an insurance system with only four or five giant companies a free market? Are they not going to place their bottom line above the best health of their customers?
    Some people enjoy the fantasy that only the lazy and shiftless end up needing help, and those undeserving poor should basically be allowed to die out to make America stronger. Survival of the fittest. Come on, you know you do.
    Of course, you never stoop to using our "socialized" highways, or call our "socialized" police or fire department, or visit a "socialized" public library. You are a lot of smart people, but you don't know as much as you think.

  37. If all you people really wanted a "free" system you would advocate the elimination of all health insurance - especially those policies contracted for by organizations of any kind.
    Only that move would insure a "free market" and would probably drive down medical costs. If you don't have the cash, you don't get the care.

    The insurance companies are the true drivers of increasing medical care costs since they guarantee that new and more expensive procedures and medicines will have a market. They have no stake in controlling costs - only in passing those costs on the consumer (less their profit margin, of course).

  38. Have any of you mouth breathers actually read the health care bill? Thought not. No penalties to those who don't buy and only a $100 penalty to any insurance company that breaks the rules by, say, cancelling your coverage. A lot of energy and effort wasted to accomplish nothing. Your under 26 year old kids can stay on your health insurance policy and any company that has coverage for management but not the other employees has to offer it to all but other than that, when the idiots in Congress took the single payer option out of the bill they rendered it useless and meaningless to the average American. You know, the ones that already have insurance through their jobs; insurance that's not going to change...or get any cheaper...

  39. Why does no one talk about current mandatory auto insurance and/or mandatory financial responsibility for anyone who drives vehicle? In the Sixties, in most States, you could get a driver's license, register your vehicle and drive it without having to prove financial responsibility. Do you want to go back to those terms and conditions?

  40. There is no mandate to have auto insurance. Many people do not have a car and they have no requirement to have auto insurance.

    Similarly, many people choose not to have health insurance. Should Bill Gates be required to buy health insurance? Sarah Palin? They can afford not to have it. Some people are healthy and do not want health insurance. Some have retired with no health insurance, are healthy, and don't want it - they will either pay cash or they may willingly choose to die if they get a horrible disease.

    Should we have insurance reform? Sure, but we don't need Obamacare and we don't need mandates to buy insurance. Just make a few common sense rules such as: every insurance company is required to offer lower cost catastrophic medical insurance; no person may be denied insurance coverage for an existing condition for more than 3 months (or 6 months), etc. Let's repeal Oblabber care and replace the 2000 page pack of idiocy with 5 pages of common sense! Oblabber care was passed only because Oblabber bribed, in full view of the public, some of the congress that voted for it.

  41. Part of any replacement of Oblabber care should be stipulation that if you are capable of paying for health insurance and choose not to, and you get sick, you must pay your bills. Also, medical facilities should not be required to treat people if they cannot pay. We are all going to die someday - there are no exceptions. By making YOU responsible for YOUR bills, you will have an incentive to get up, earn a living, stay healthy, and perhaps pay for health insurance if you cannot afford a hit to your bank account to pay for a medical condition.

    Further, to reduce costs of health care, to alleviate suffering, to reduce Tucson type incidents, etc the states should be required to provide doctor assisted suicide on demand for anyone who asks for it. There are 7 billion people on the planet - we do not need to force people to stay after they've had enough. How many of those people are there? A pant load. Choose a painless method and give people the right to have sovereignty over their lives. What would be the price of failure to do this? In addition to the problems listed above, bankruptcy of the nation for starters.

    The next Jared Loughner wants out - give him a way to end the pain.