Saturday, March 27, 2010

Who Do You Want to Landscape Your Property?

Last December, after Washington D.C.'s first snowfall of the season, I provided photographic evidence of the snow shoveling results in front of the government's  Labor Department  building and that of the privately owned building next door, and I asked the all important question, "Who do you want to shovel your sidewalk?"

But, winter is now gone. It's the beginning of spring, and the snow has melted here in D.C. Thus, it is no longer of importance for the Labor Department to try and figure out how to shovel snow.

But, alas, as many poets have attempted to report over the ages in  many different ways, spring is a period of hope, optimism and rejuvenation, This can often be reflected in the landscape work of spring. These thoughts come to mind because this morning I again passed by the scene of the great public sector versus private sector snow shoveling contrast.

The pass by was not without a further teasing reminder of the difference between the public sector and the private.  The scene of the great snow shoveling contrast was now the scene of the great landscape contrast. I again provide photographic evidence of the private sector efforts and that of the public sector. The first picture shows the early morning workers as they toil in front of the private sector building at 101 Constitution Ave NW. The second picture shows the result of some of that toil.

Since this is a compare and contrast picture show, I also snapped pictures of the landscape work at the next door governmnet owned Labor Department building.

Who do you want to landscape your property?

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  1. Wenzel, stop! They're going to use your pictures to show how much better funded private landscaping is. There will be a new 1% surcharge on lawnmowers sold in the continental US to fund government beautification.