Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Only Emanuel Brother Earning an Honest Days Pay Throws a Big Party Tonight

Ari Emanuel is one of three brothers.

His brother Ezekiel is a bioethicist and top adviser on Obamacare. A true elitist, Ezekiel wants government to decide who should receive healthcare, and how much, based on how valuable they will be to "society." Think of him as the man who thought up the idea of a Death Panel.

Ari's other brother is Rahm, who is, of course, President Obama's chief of staff. He is Obama's enforcer, charged with cramming interventionist legislation through Congress and taking out anyone who doesn't advance the Obama agenda.

Ari is a Hollywood agent. It is believed his clients include Martin Scorsese, Larry David, Michael Moore, Matt Damon, Sacha Baron Cohen, Conan O'Brien, and Mark Wahlberg, among others.

In July, 2006, Ari called on Hollywood to blacklist Mel Gibson because of Gibson’s anti-Semitic remarks during his DUI arrest.

An April 2002 lawsuit by agent Sandra Epstein against Ari's Endeavor Agency brought accusations by Epstein and other Endeavor employees against Emanuel. According to Epstein, Emanuel made racist and anti-gay remarks and prevented her from sending a script about Navy SEALs to actor Wesley Snipes, saying, "That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Everyone knows that blacks don’t swim".

Tonight, Ari hosts the see and be seen pre-Academy Awards party at his Beverly Hills home.

1 comment:

  1. No fan of Rahm Emmanuel,

    but I don't think that remark about African Americans not generally being known to swim wasn't really racist. It was just a casual generalization, like saying gays like antiques..

    A little casual and insensitive for a public official, yes.

    Racist remarks have to show an intent to subordinate another race that isn't simply casual, but systematic...and I'd avoid calling anyone a racist unless they publicly advocate measures to subordinate other races.

    Otherwise, it's all sticks and stones..