Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Power Seeking Naked Aggression in Kentucky

Trailing by double digits, Rand Paul's opponent in the race for the Kentucky Republican senate nomination, Trey Grayson, is clearly desperate. In a new television spot he attempts to link Paul to Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

W. James Antle, III at The American Spectator has a fair comment on the Grayson attack.

Meanwhile, the BIG question has to be, "Is this attack being funded by the, supposed libertarian, billionaire Koch brothers?" Lew Rockwell seems to think so.

If it is, I think we need to move them from the libertarian camp to the oligarch camp. They may be using libertarianism, when it is convienient, as a fig leaf to hide their naked aggression for power, but funding Grayson over Paul tells us that power seeking is their real game.


  1. That first link is to a spam site.

  2. Political ads don't have to meet the test of being true under FCC regulations: