Monday, March 29, 2010

The Science of Understanding Women

Lew Rockwell links to an interesting story today written by a male writer who bitches about having to buy round after round of drinks for women.

Although I tend to buy drinks for women I am talking to at a bar, I really can't sympathise with this guy. Yeah, most women can be difficult if you let them get away with it, but the trick is to understand how their minds are wired. Once you have that figured out, problems go away pretty quickly.

What the writer needs to do is read Richard Feynman. Although Feynman is hailed as a genius physicist, I think his greatest discoveries were on how women think. He claimed he could go into a strip club and instead of giving the girls money, he could get them to buy him a sandwich after the club closed. I believe him. Read his writings, including, but not limited to, the letters he wrote to women and the letters written back. It's all there, sometimes a bit hidden, but it's all there. The man was, indeed, a genius.


  1. Wenzel,

    For an individualist perspective on this issue, that the author never seemed to consider in his gender-collectivism:

    There ARE some women who don't insist on you buying them a drink and will tolerate/willingly go along with a round-robin style of buying (you buy a round, she buys a round, etc.) These women come in all shapes and sizes, including attractive ones, meaning that its really the author's fault that he is not as selective as he could/should be, given how much the "norm" bothers him.

    Instead of lashing out at the fairer sex in general, he should've just realized, "You dope... you're drinking with a bunch of ungrateful cows! Have some self-respect, man!"

    Funny related story a friend of mine recounted to me this weekend: he's at this bar and starts talking to some chick and they're getting along handsomely when she drags him onto the dance floor to meet some of her other friends. He is talking to these chicks for about twenty minutes when one of them informs him that they're leaving him and hands him a piece of paper. He looks at it and its a bill for $80-some of drinks for the group of girls. He looks up at her and asks, "What is this?" and the girl says "It's the receipt for our drinks. I figured you were a gentleman so you'd buy our drinks." He stares at her and says "Are you SERIOUS?" and the girl says "What, you're not a gentleman? I thought you were a gentleman." He hands her the receipt back and says "Look, I was happy to buy your friend a couple drinks because she was nice. But you're rude. Pay your own bill and get out of here." She started screaming at him, right in the middle of the bar, about what a jerk/ahole/non-gentleman he was.

    Haha, situations like that make you wonder if a girl like that actually believes "being a gentleman" means a guy is obligated to pick up a tab for any girl he talks to for more than 5 minutes, or if she knew she was being a manipulative creep and was just seeing what she could get away with. I'd believe either one these days... this is one entitled society we live in!

  2. NEVER buy them drinks!

    Are these letters you speak of in his books? Which ones are the most recommended? He has many.

  3. Bob -

    A woman's perspective. I've known women like this. They're basically interested in getting a free dinner, club date, or show. They're not interested in the guy, except to string him along long enough to get that out of him.

    When I told them that was pretty unethical, they laughed and said it was fun.

    I asked them if they thought it was fun when guys strung women along emotionally so they could "score"? They were indignant, but seemingly couldn't make the connection.

    There's a good rule.

    First meeting, no more than coffee, a glass of wine, a beer.

    Guy pays regardless of who invites (if you're old fashioned). Go dutch, if not. Girl doesn't pay, unless she specifically wants to.

    Any guy or girl can come up with that.

    Never meet anywhere except in a public, well-lit place. No one drives any one anywhere. No obligations, no resentment, no dangers.

    Gal/guy accepts a lunch date gratis only if its business. Lunch is paid by whoever proposed it, if its business. If a guy proposes lunch, and it's personal, first time, tell him you're on a diet and insist on coffee. If he insists, let him pay, but order only a soup or only a small salad, or if that's unavailable, the least expensive thing on the menu. Never suggest the restaurant, unless he asks. If he asks, say you're not picky. If he insists, choose an inexpensive or informal option, or go back to plan A and say you're not really that hungry. That gives him a lot of graceful options and caters to every variety of male impecuniousness, without anyone feeling embarrassed.

    If there's a tip, offer to pay it. Or ask him if he wants coffee/dessert and offer to pay that.

    Any guy or gal can afford an extra salad or soup.

    The rest should follow in the same spirit.
    End of money-war between the sexes.

  4. @anonymous

    Are these letters you speak of in his books? Which ones are the most recommended? He has many.

    His comments are scattered through out his popular books. The letters are in biographies.