Monday, March 29, 2010

Are More People Sneaking Into the White House?

A whole lot of people President Obama claims to hardly know, or with whom he has supposedly disasociated with, are visiting the White House quite often. Anthony Martin reports at the Washington Examiner:
 Major news is breaking concerning the White House visitors list. The log shows that several unsavory characters, at least 2 of whom Obama denied knowing personally, have been regular visitors at the White House.

The most eyebrow-raising of these visitors is none other than domestic terrorist William Ayers, who, along with his wife, Bernadine Dohrn, established and ran the subversive Weather Underground in the 1960s and 70s, which bombed federal buildings...

Controversy ensued in the Obama campaign of 2008 when stories surfaced that Ayers and his wife were personal friends of the Obamas. Obama vehemently denied it on several occasions, claiming that he knew of Ayers only because of his work and his writings, but that since Ayers was significantly older than he, it was unlikely that he would have opportunity to become friends with him.
Obama went further to say that as far as he knew Ayers was just "somebody who lived in the neighborhood."...

Back to the visitors list at the White House. None other than domestic terrorist William Ayers has been a guest on at least 3 separate occasions....

Other regular guests include Reverend Jeremiah 'G-D Amerikkka' Wright,
Wright is the former pastor of Barack Obama. Obama gave a speech titled "A More Perfect Union", in which he sought to place Wright's comments in a historical and sociological context. In the speech, Obama again denounced Wright's remarks, but did not disown him. The controversy  was renewed in late April when Wright made a series of media appearances, including an interview on Bill Moyers Journal, a speech at the NAACP and a speech at the National Press Club. After the last of these, Obama spoke more forcefully against his former pastor, saying that he was "outraged" and "saddened" by his behavior, and in May he resigned his membership in the church.

As for Ayers, there is very strong evidence that he ghost wrote, Dreams from My Father, for Obama.

Okay, so they are not sneaking in. Which leads us to the BIG question, what else is Obama lying to us about?


  1. Wenzel,

    An even bigger question is, are these people actual anti-establishment types or members of the "controlled opposition", ie tools of the CIA, for instance? Otherwise, how would it make sense that the "Cowboys" and the "Indians" (or Cops and Robbers, if you like), happen to be good friends?

    Have you been following Pastor David Manning in Harlem, who wants to put Obama on trial for "treason" and who accuses Obama of being a former/current CIA asset?

    I think this rabbit hole is about to get much deeper and much more twisty, Alice.

  2. Every president should be on trial for treason for making secret negoitations with foriegn powers (aka Bilderberg group). It is illegal for any citizen in the US to negotia--

    On another note, they just ended the 2010 meeting yesterday >.>