Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shia LaBeouf Meets Hardcore Wall Street

Shia LaBeouf co-stars in the upcoming Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps, with Michael Douglas. He did some research for Wall Street 2 by spending some time with Wall Street traders and reports to GQ what he discovered:
On the Wall Street trading floors where he went to learn the banking ropes:

"I thought my life was pretty wild. I'm Richie Rich. I land in New York, secretly thinking I'm like the coolest guy in the world. I've been on the cover of GQ! But then I met these guys, and it's humbling. It's the most sex-drugs-and-rock-'n'-roll atmosphere that exists on the planet. I was hanging out with some wild human beings."

On getting past the stereotypes of Wall Street traders:

"It's easy to villainize these guys with the big paychecks," he says. "But they're not all bad. I'm a pretty left-wing character, and I come from whatever collar is lower than blue. But meeting these guys really opened my mind a lot. I've never seen people with more drive and determination in my life."

On his newfound hobby, trading:

"I trade in my boxers now. I'm up early for the markets. I'm real-time all day long." He loves the game and the thrill and the nerves of the market; and the market, it seems, loves him right back. As of the morning of our lunch, Shia says his online Schwab Active Trading account had grown to close to $450,000.

On being manipulated by Oliver Stone:

"We'd be on the street, and Oliver would just say, 'Go to that bar, get fucked-up, and come back.' I'd walk over, get smashed, and go back to work. He would really fuck with me when I was smashed. I get aggressive when I'm smashed, and he'd film that. He would just open you up completely, make you fucking naked-and then call, 'Action.'"

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