Monday, March 15, 2010

Tom Woods Does the East Coast

You are real lucky if you are in the Hartford area, or Virginia area, this week. Tom Woods will be speaking at a number of venues, and two of his speeches will be on  Austrian Business Cycle Theory. Woods writes:

When I was last in Hartford I had an interesting exchange with the Chairman of ING Insurance, who, while a nice guy, thought he was zinging me when he said Austria’s economy wasn’t really worth all the emphasis I was placing on it. This Wednesday I’ll be speaking in Hartford again, this time at Trinity College. At 4pm I’ll talk about Catholic social teaching and the market economy, and then at 8pm I’ll talk about Austrian business cycle theory, the financial crisis, and issues like that. Both events take place in Rittenberg Lounge, Mather Hall.

On Thursday I’ll speak at 7:30pm at Virginia’s Hampden-Sydney College (Crawley Forum), two of whose professors collaborated on this prize-winning article on Austrian business cycle theory.

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