Monday, March 22, 2010

Total Propaganda Day for Geithner

At 10:45 AM, Treasury Secretary Geithner will join Vice President Biden and IRS Commissioner Shulman at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building to make an announcement "about the impact of Recovery Act tax cuts this tax season and unveil a new tool to help middle class families take advantage of them. In addition to the Making Work Pay Credit, which 95 percent of working families are receiving, there are more than a dozen other Recovery Act tax benefits that middle class taxpayers can collect on this tax season."

Note: If you actually believe that your taxes will be lower, email me immediately. I have some fog in San Francisco to sell you.

In the late afternoon, Secretary Geithner will speak before the American Enterprise Institute "to present the 'closing arguments' for why we need comprehensive financial reform and why we need it now."

The actual closing argument would be: "to control the people and their money." Somehow, I don't think Geithner will get to this point.

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