Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wolin Pounds on Chamber of Commerce

Deputy Treasury Secretary Neal Wolin visited the Chamber of Commerce today and pulled no punches in attacking the Chamber's opposition to Obama financial regulatory "reform". WSJ reported Wolin's punches this way:
He repeatedly pounded the Chamber’s lobbying and advertising blitz against the White House’s financial regulatory overhaul, accusing them of being misleading, dishonest, and “backward.”
He delivered his broadside standing on a podium within the U.S. Chamber while some of the group’s officials sat in nearby tables aghast at the pummeling.

“Despite the urgent and undeniable need for reform, the Chamber of Commerce has launched a $3 million advertising campaign against it,” Mr. Wolin said. “That campaign is not designed to improve the House and Senate bills. It is designed to defeat them.”
The battle itself between the Administration and the Chamber, it should be noted, is over power and control with the Chamber's stance only less interventionist in terms of degree and direction, rather than rejection of government meddling.

What is most interesting about this speech is that it is another sign of Wolin raising his profile. I have to think it is Wolin attempting to position himself to become Treasury Secretary after the eventual departure of Geithner.

He has aready made a trip to Africa. And another trip to the Middle East.

Then, of course, there is his erased bio.

Certainly his in your face style would be a change from Geithner's uncomfortableness in public, but as far as policy, they both appear to be just loyal soldiers willing to carry out the marching orders of the boss, regardless of where they lead.

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  1. The Blue Team has an alternative to the Chamber. It's called Business Forward. I'm sure the White House and administration are friendlier to companies in that organization.