Sunday, April 25, 2010

Germany to Greece: Get the Hell Out of the EU

Mailonline reports:

Leading members of Germany’s Christian Social Union, sister party in Bavaria to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats, said Greece should be forced out of the euro.

Leading CSU MP Hans-Peter Friedrich said: ‘Greece has not only a liquidity problem but also a fundamental growth and structural problem.’

He said that this should prompt Greek politicians to ‘seriously consider leaving the eurozone’.

Werner Langen, head of the CDU/CSU group in the European Parliament, added: ‘I am extremely sceptical as to whether the aid package conforms with European Union law and the German constitution.

‘The real alternative is for Greece to leave the currency union and become competitive again via hard structural reforms.’

Chancellor Merkel, whose country is the largest contributor to the Greek bail-out, has said she would be reluctant to help unless the stability of the euro was threatened and the Greek government implemented tough reforms.


  1. The Eurozone has been a trade and currency regime of independent nations; but now with the emergence of funding for the Euro Stability Pact by the EU Finance Ministers, is transitioning to a federal, political and economic government, where there are no longer sovereign nation states; and seiniorage for fiscal spending comes not through traditional bond market sales, but though Finance Ministers' framework agreements.

  2. Greece should get the hell out of the "EUROPEAN UNION HELL!"
    Let Germany burn in it alone!! They cause to much hell to the Europeans since 1940's!
    Germany turned Europe into a Ghetto, Red light streets, Drug dealing bars, Homeless, Hunger, Anger and all hell in it!
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    Why all this population shifting? SLAVERY MY FRIENDS, SLAVERY!
    The law in Italy. work 8 hours, get paid for 4. Social security deduct 8 hours, record 4 hours.
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