Sunday, April 25, 2010

MISTAKE: Goldman Sachs Threatens Taki

Back in February, Greek-born, international playboy and wordsmith, Taki Theodoracopulos, (He has probably had more women than Goldman Sachs has billions) gave his readers his view on the advice that Goldman Sachs had been giving the Greeks:
Bravo Goldman Sachs. You’ve done it again. As in the U.S. subprime crisis, this house of ill repute created a deal which helped the Greeks obscure billions in debt from the budget overseers, then charged the Greeks hundreds of millions of Euros for helping them hide the debts. Classic Goldman Sachs policy, says the great economist Taki, the house of shame having been and being as I write the poster boy for banks behaving badly—exploiting whatever the situation, or rules that it helped to write. The man who led the Goldman Sachs team which helped Greece lie and cheat for so long is Goldman’s president, Gary Cohn, whose mentor is the chairman of Goldman, Lloyd Blankfein.
Now, Taki reports that Goldman sent their lawyers after his online publication, Taki's Magazine:
Only a month ago, the Goldman fraudsters had some shyster London lawyer threaten the sainted editor because I had called them crooks for teaching the Greeks how to cheat even better than the Greeks already knew. The sainted one sent them to hell. Now the U.S. government has discovered what the Speccie and the poor little Greek boy knew since time immemorial. No one makes money investing with Goldman except those whose rooms are at the top. Goldman misled their investors and had them put their moolah in things they were shorting, taught the Greeks how to cook the books—like teaching Ali Baba how to steal—and now has their PR machine working overtime. The case will most likely be lost by underpaid government lawyers facing the crème de la crème defending the fraudsters.
Taki, one of the few men left with serious balls (Perhaps that's why he keeps winning, or at least placing, in the 70 and over world judo championship), couldn't have just a one paragraph shot at Goldman, he threw this in also (not bad from the 70 plus bracket):

The Bagel is a luxury city, a place for the very rich and those who fiddle the system. Theaters and restaurants are filled by the rubes from the backwaters who come in and stare at the tall buildings. Working class people and the middle classes were marginalized long ago. Most of them have moved to the burbs. New businesses are hard to start because of punitive taxes. The ghastly midget mayor Bloomberg has cut 6000 cops, hence the crime rate has shot up by 28 percent. Still, the place is the only city I can have fun in nowadays. It’s a place where one can rub shoulders with crooks in fine suits—none of those gaudy, double breasted heavy striped ones favored by gangsters of old—as I did last week in the Boom Boom room after dining at the Waverly Inn. The Boom Boom was full of Goldman Sachs people, fresh from being indicted for something everyone but the government has known since a very long time: That Goldman Sachs is to fraud what Paris Hilton is to vulgarity. One thing is for sure. Heads must roll but they won’t. The small fry will get the axe, as is always the case.
That looks like a major league spit in your face, Goldman. Come on, send your lawyers again! I would love to see this go another paragraph or two. Or, Lloyd, if you have the balls, why don't you and Taki settle this like men, in the judo ring. You like to take advantage of those less nimble, Taki's over 70, your 53, what are you waiting for?

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