Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tiger Pays Out 10 Million Cool Ones to Mistress #1

The big question here is,  "Has attorney Gloria Allred ever read Walter Block's booking Defending the Undefendable?" In his book, Block puts together the theoretical case in defense of blackmailers. Allred has gone the more practical route and has "just done it."

The word from TMZ is that Allred negotiated a $10 million dollar "settlement" for Tiger Wood's mistress, Rachel Uchitel:

TMZ has learned Rachel Uchitel -- the pilgrim of alleged mistresses -- settled up with Tiger Woods for waaaaaaay more than you think ... as in $10 MILLION!!

There were numerous reports Rachel settled on the brink of holding a Gloria Allred-style news conference for anywhere between $2 - 5 million.

But our sources -- and they are good -- tell TMZ Tiger was so concerned with the depth and detail of information from Alleged Mistress #1 that they folded like a cheap suit, and offered the huge $10 million sum in return for an ironclad confidentiality agreement.

TMZ has learned the actual settlement could fluctuate $1 million either way, depending on future circumstances. But the baseline is $10 mil.
I'm guessing the settlement details were leaked by Allred. It's great advertsing for her.  Oh yeah, Block also defends advertisers in his book.


  1. I have seen and had better, she is no 10 million dollar piece that is for dam sure.

  2. I agree with Block on this issue but society and our legal system remains confused. Dave Letterman's case had a completely different outcome. And than there's that wierd case in North(?) Carolina where the wife sued the mistress. There must be an SNL skit in here somewhere.