Monday, April 12, 2010

Washington D.C. Lockdown

The Nuclear Summit is about to start in Washington D.C. and a strip of D.C. between the Walter E. Washington Convention Center and the White House is on lockdown.

One rumored item on the agenda of the Summit is an attempt to launch a program to get Israel to destroy its nuclear missiles. This is why Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahou cancelled plans to attend the Summit.The cancellation by Netanyahou has led some media outlets to report that Israel is boycotting the event. This is not true. I have it on good authority from a person intimately familiar with the comings and goings in the U.S. of top level Israeli officials that Netanyahou has sent a Deputy to the meetings.

On the street level (pics below) it does look like a military takeover, there are soldiers everywhere around the convention center and checkpoints manned by police and uniformed secret service agents.

At breakfast this morning, I struck up a conversation with a woman who is originally from Kosovo. She told me that while walking down the street this morning and seeing the soldiers, it sent shivers down her spine. "Coming from a country at war," she said,"It always makes you nervous when you see soldiers."
She said that at the age of 18 she was a protester in Kosovo, when the Serbian's sent 40,000 troops to break up the protest. She said the protesters learned to improvise against the troops. When the Serbs fired tear gas, they learned to cut open onions and inahle them as an antidote to the tear gas.

Checkpoint manned by police and Secret Service agents

Dump trucks filled with gravel block a key intersection at 9th and K Streets NW just two blocks from the Cato Institute

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  1. 1)Symington amendment states NO American tax money to a nuclear state.
    2)Israel is engaged in ETHIC CLEANSING, that woman from Kosovo should be familiar with that. The cure is to bomb the blazes out of the "Cleanser".
    3) What are Military Troops doing on American streets? Posse Commitatus.
    4) ALL nations Boycott Israel till they sign NON-Proliferation Treaty, open Dimona to INSPECTION.
    5) Place photos of GAZA/Palestinian SHOAH in front door of "holocaust museum"