Thursday, May 20, 2010

German Finance Minister: Markets Out of Control

"I'm convinced the markets are really out of control," German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble told  FT. "That is why we need really effective regulation, in the sense of creating a properly functioning market mechanism."

TRANSLATION: Governments are having a difficult time controlling markets, given we have screwed things up so terribly. If we don't control this somehow, all our plans for a one world government, ruled by us elite, will collapse.


  1. Here is your deflation

  2. you need to get a better perspective. Private central banks controll the market. Germany has seen hyper inflation first hand and they do not like inflation of any kind outside of I am German therefore better. We all think that way, I am special or very special. They are soveriegn let themselves rule.

  3. So after people finally wise up and begin using the same trading tactics that the big investment houses were using to screw the retail stock investor they are going to "re-regulate" the "free market" and allow those same con men to establish new proprietary techniques designed to steal your money!