Monday, May 3, 2010

Goldman Sachs Hires Michael Moore's PR Spin Man

LOL. Goldman seems to move from dumb to dumber. They have hired a new PR man to help fix its image.

FT reports:

Goldman Sachs has hired Mark Fabiani, an aggressive, politically connected crisis management expert who spearheaded President Bill Clinton’s efforts to navigate the Whitewater scandal, to fortify its presence in Washington.

The premier Wall Street bank has also solicited ideas for a long-term brand-building campaign from several advertising agencies in an effort to address its continuing public relations and legal crisis.
The problem is Fabiani is the kind of sleaze bucket that will defend anybody. Michael Moore hired Fabiani to defend "Fahrenheit 9/11" against political criticism.

You got that? Anti-establishment (well, at least he wants you to think so) Michael Moore and Goldman Sachs now have the same spinmeister.

Hint to Goldman, you never hire a PR man who has something like this written about him.(Keep in mind this was written years ago before Goldman added him to the payroll, but it sure does seem to apply doesn't it?)
The new Propaganda Minister is Mark Fabiani :: and he’s not Red Army cheap. Mr. Fabiani was formerly a Democratic Party insider. He held positions in the Clinton White House and on the Gore presidential campaign {two of the greatest PR success stories of all time}....

Most recently Mr. Fabiani has been plying his mouth magic for the San Diego Chargers :: spinning the idea of a new stadium that corporate FatCats would love taxpayers to subsidize :: and being a dick about it.

Fabiani has tastefully dubbed himself the “Master of Disaster” :: Because he’s a PR douche and that’s just the sort of thing that a PR douche thinks is useful. He’s going to collect some huge checks :: and in return he is going to help spin the media in a way that will be favorable...

1. He is going to fail. Grandpa Fabiani here doesn’t even have a website :: I guess he thinks the world revolves around five minute slots on the Wednesday night edition of Nancy Grace. Sorry oldster :: but shit has changed since your boss-man Al Gore invented the Internet.

2. It’s absolutely disgusting that someone with establishment credentials would whore himself out to such an obvious demon.....  Fabiani you useless FUCK :: You hollow vessel :: You irresponsible :: Unprofessional :: FlapJawed Maggot. People are being exploited :: hurt :: defrauded :: and destroyed.....  What the fuck is there to spin?.... Mark Fabiani :: beltway insider :: is being paid with blood money. Money that should go to compensate folks for their uncompensatable losses is instead going to pay Grandpa Fabiani to twist the truth into something less fucking horrible than the truth.

Hey Mark :: remember during the Clinton scandals when CNN started taking you to task personally :: hunting down your demons :: laughing at your inadequacies :: and publicly decrying your unforgivable hypocrisy? NO?

Well welcome to the New World bitch :: I’d recommend getting yourself a website :: and maybe a good PR man … you’re going to need it.
Private note to Lloyd Blankfein: Let me repeat personally for you. You never, ever, ever hire a PR man that has the above linked to his name on page one, when a Google search is done of said PR man.

I look forward to covering the further absurdity of it all.

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