Friday, May 21, 2010

It's a Micro-World Afterall: The Obama's Mother-Geithner's Father Connection

Hans Palmstierna emails:
Geithner's dad / Obama's mom?

Haven't you been on this story?

Glenn Beck included it yesterday as part of his whole "Crime Inc." showdown.

Around 2:30, lower right of the famous chalkboard.
The answer to the question: Yes, I have.

I also suspect that Geithner's father,Peter Geithner,is/was high ranking CIA. I can't prove it, but Geithner's father's position, as head of micro-finance in Asia, gave him the cover to travel throughout Asia. Which also makes you wonder about Obama's mother as a struggling mom. She always managed to put Obama through the best private schools. Just curiosities at this point but some curiosities.

At 6:30 of the clip it becomes clear that Beck needs to read EPJ, he mentions at that point that he wasn't aware of the Geithner's father/Obama's mother connection before just falling into it as a result of digging into the suspicious bailout of Obama connected Shore Bank.

Here's the Beck clip:

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  1. Obama's grandmother on his Mother's side was VP of a bank, so why are you pulling for straws in a Obama/bank connection through some illegitimate Geithner-fatherhood connection when it's already sitting in front of you?