Sunday, May 9, 2010

Now It Can Be Told: Our Man in the old Soviet Union was Debriefed by the CIA

After Richard Ebeling sent me this email, which include reports of his activities in Lithuania and Moscow during the collapse of the Soviet Union, I emailed back to him:

I'm beginning to think there is a secret libertarian wing of the CIA and you are heading it.
With his permission, I reproduce his reply to me:


Actually, when I returned from Lithuania in January 1991, I was contacted by the CIA and they sent an agent to Hillsdale for a "debriefing."

I was willing to tell them what I had observed and my interpretation of the events. But I was firm that I would not give them the names of any of my Lithuanian friends and associates with whom I had been interacting while I was there during the "troubles."

They did not press me on that, and were seemingly pleased enough to have the impressions of an economist who had been there "on the ground."


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