Monday, May 3, 2010

Obama Jokes about Killing People via Drones

At Saturday night's White House Correspondence Dinner, President Obama delivered some very funny lines (written by others), but about 10 jokes in he jokes about killing people via drones.

He mentions that some hot teenage music group was at the dinner. He then mentions that his daughters were big fans, but warns the group to stay away and tells them he has drones. They sneak up on you, he says.

Now, if I am actually killing people (and sometimes hitting innocents) with drones, I would think basic decency would prevent me from joking about drones on a nationally broadcast event.

As a matter of fact, I can't see how you could ever joke about drones, if you really take seriously the fact that you put killer drones in the air to kill people.

Does this President have any clue as to how serious the use of drones is?

UPDATE: Here's what the President said:
The Jonas Brothers are here; they’re out there somewhere. Sasha and Malia are huge fans; but boys, don’t get any ideas. Two words for you: predator drones. You will never see it coming. You think I’m joking?


  1. Leno mentioned in an interview prior to this performance that liberal democrats have a hard time laughing at their own shortcomings. Apparently they also have no sense of comedic nuance.

    It would be like listening to Stalin joke about the Gulag or Peron joke about "disappearing." The audience would offer loud nervous laughter hoping they weren't next on the list.

  2. "Now, if I am actually killing people (and sometimes hitting innocents) with drones, I would think basic decency would prevent me from joking about drones on a nationally broadcast event."

    Couple this "joke" with the fact POTUS is claiming the right to kill American citizens without a trial and the joke is even worse.

  3. Barry Soetoro may be Jay Leno's President.



  4. Shock horror, a President that has no respect for human life.

    Surely that's one of the pre-requisites for the job, if your not willing to order the deaths of women and children then you're not going to be the commander in chief.

    The first thing Obama did when he got into office was to escalate the use of the drones to show his masters that he's a good ol' boy.

  5. Live by the sword, die by the sword. How long does it take an idiot to kill themselves? How long before a remote controlled drone is hacked and turned on it's inventors? How long before this hacked program can be bought on the internet for $19.95 usable with an x-box controller? Obviously power does not equal intelligence, history proves this over and over again. Makes all those security forces traveling with our elected officials rather moot.

  6. Anon,

    Notice how Demorats are utterly silent on the appropriateness of Herr Obama's joke this time.

    Hypocrisy-- the stuff politicians are made of!

  7. What does anyone think would happen if King George made a joke about killing black guys who wanted to date his 2 daughters ?

    Probably not a lot of smiles and giggles.

  8. Reminds me when GW was joking around at the same gala saying..."no WMDs under there(looking under the podium)" all the while laughing. Deluded and deminted psychopaths come to mind

  9. Hmmm. For me, the creepy part is that the daughters aren't even teenagers, yet.

  10. about 1 minute and a half into the video clip, he says his ratings of aproval are still quite high 'in the country of his birth' after jocking about low aproval ratings in the us... he just put it plainly out there, that he was not born on american soil, thus is unfit to be a president!

  11. psychobama, qu'est-ce que c'est? run run run, run away...

  12. Only psychopaths joke about such things.

  13. how degrading and disgusting

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  15. ok, why isn't anyone pointing to calling the Jonas Brothers Pedophiles.
    They are average 20, why would they have ANY interest in a 10 yr. old?
    Obama is sick, sick, sick!

  16. I'll repeat my, now continuous, warning of the last almost 3 years now..."Obama will make Bush-Cheney look like cub scouts!!" Let's see Obama has ordered the assassination of an AMERICAN CITIZEN without trial...could GWB get away with that?

    If this schmuck ISN'T the ultimate sign of the impending demise of the USA I can't imagine what would be.

  17. yea leno sucks conan should of stayed on. screw this 3rd world dictator, that's what he is.

  18. Wow!!!
    I told everybody he was a clown... but really.

    Now he's turned into that creepy pyscho clown from a really bad horror movie.

    I have to doubt the sanity of anyone who laughs at this or thinks it's funny.

    How far have the press slipped. OMG!!!

  19. hey anno that's really dumb paint him up like a clown then call him a clown. whats the press missing out on, saying clowmn makeup is weird or seomthing. there threatening people if you even go around them. like the secret meetings them are threats. that's what happenned in the secret meetings, now they do it out in the open.