Thursday, May 6, 2010

Over the Last Three Trading Sessions...

The down is down 631.51 points, a decline of more than 5.66%.

This means huge technical damage, and margin calls on Friday. Someone is taking huge hits. It's possible we will find out who over the next couple of days. Expect at least a couple of major hedge fund hits.

Overnight in Tokyo, the Nikkei was down as much as 4.0%

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  1. Only 600+ points? Pshh. Don't worry, Obama can force the Dow and the NASDAQ to magically reset prices back 72 hours. And keep doing it as long as needed to keep the market pressing on. He's the messiah, what do I have to fear?

    Except if you're a registered Republican, then, well, you're a capitalist pig. You should just take what the market gave you. You're 'self-sufficient' and all that jazz, right?

    Sheesh, someone pass me another drink. Even owning bullion isn't helping.