Saturday, May 15, 2010

Reminds Me of the Global Economy

Los Angeles Downtown News reports:

Two men have been stabbed in recent separate incidents in Downtown. Gang activity is suspected in both cases.

On Friday, May 8, Antonio Hernandez Cruz, an alleged member of the 18th Street gang, was booked for attempted murder, with an enhancement for Cruz’s suspected gang ties, police said.

The stabbing occurred late on Sunday, May 3, after two men left Club Galaxy in Downtown, a taxi dance club where men are charged by the minute to talk or dance with the female employees. As they left, one of the unidentified patrons got into a fight outside the venue with a man believed to be jealous of the patron’s courting of a certain dancer.

The victim initially warded off his attacker, but the suspect then returned with accomplices. The man was stabbed multiple times, police say, resulting in wounds in the torso, side, arm and neck.

Police said the victim did not immediately realize the extent of his injuries, and with his friend left the scene and headed to a Denny’s in Mission Hills. At around 3 a.m. he started to feel much worse, at which point he headed to a hospital and called police.

Apparently, the post-fight adrenaline kept the pain away until the victim got to Denny’s, Lt. Paul Vernon said.

“He was in bad shape,” Vernon said...
Replace "18th Street gang" with "bankster", "the victim" with "average working Joe" and "Denny's" with, well keep it "Denny's", and you have a picture of the current global economy.

We have entered the Denny's phase of the economy where we feel the pain.

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