Friday, May 28, 2010

A Report and a Request from Edward Gonzalez

Edward emails:
The two events last night went extremely well.  The Campaign for Liberty event was a lively, free flowing discussion with an incredibly well educated audience. The Second Amendment Council was a forum between me and other congressional candidates.  This audience was very focused on the federal government’s encroachment on California’s State sovereignty.  I received new volunteers and donations at both events.

As you all know, the June 8th Primary is fast approaching.  I am currently on the ballot as a Libertarian, but I am also seeking the Republican nomination.  I need 2,053 Republicans to write my name in on the ballot. There is currently no Republican on the ballot.  So please, email and call all your friends in Silicon Valley and tell them to write-in Edward Gonzalez for U.S. Representative. 

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